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More and more players choose to spend their leisure time on online casino sites. One such attractive site is Rich Palms. The casino was created not so long ago but has already managed to win its share of the casino industry. Players choose this particular casino because it has a fair and unbiased gaming experience. 

Rich Palms casino craps work with a leading reputable supplier that develops the best craps games. The dice game is based on simple dice. This article is created to inform the customers of Rich Palms about the rules and types of dice games.

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Dice is an ancient game that the majority of gamblers have probably played. The game's rules are straightforward: customers at Rich Palms casino craps real money is to throw the dice on the table and waiting until they are stopped. After which, the player should count the amount that fell on the dice.

Dice for Money is a board game that does not require any skills. An online Craps game differs in a very different way from a live game. There's no such term as dice control in online casinos. All rolls are simulated, and a random number generator generates the results. To play dice, the client should:

  • create an account;
  • choose a game;
  • make a bet. 

The player can play for real money in the field of executed Rich Palms casino craps tips. It is worth warning that it is unnecessary to bet a large amount of money on the game simultaneously. Make a minimum bet to check how the dice system itself works. After all, the bet will not return to the client if he does not win it back.

You can play craps from any device, be it a computer, tablet, laptop, or casino user's smartphone. Also, play craps for real money in Rich Palms casino craps online. You can play live with a live dealer. Such a feature is available thanks to the live game.

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Rules for Craps Online

The game of dice from ancient times is considered the most accessible board game. To play, one does not need to make special efforts. Rich Palms casino craps rules are straightforward, and every player can easily cope. To play craps, the player should:

  1. Place a bet.
  2. Roll the dice.
  3. Count the points.
  4. Decide whose bet is the winning one.

In craps for money, players bet on the outcome of a roll of two dice. The dice have six sides. Each face has its amount of points. To start the game, casino users make the first bet, called Pass Line, and throw the dice against the back wall of the craps table.

The goal of the first Pass Line bet is to hit numbers 7 or 11 but not to end up on 2, 3, or 12. If any of these circumstances arise, the player's bet moves on.

Types of Online Craps Games at Rich Palms

Dice, It's not just dice and a game table. There's a lot more to it than meets the eye. There are many types of dice games. A list of the types of dice games we have provided in this header:

  • Hazard;
  • Crown and Anchor;
  • Poker Dice;
  • Dice. 

This is not the list of dice varieties that Rich Palms casino free craps users can play. Each game has its theme and rules. We will describe one game in detail to give players an idea of what a craps game is all about. Hazard is the ancestor of craps. Two opponents take part, using a pair of dice.

First, they bet, then the participant rolls the dice. The first roll determines the "point" between 5 and 9. On the second roll, he takes the win if he rolls a "point" and several other numbers according to a set pattern. If he rolls another number, he loses. 

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Although Craps Casino is quite an old game, online casino users still have questions regarding play craps at Rich Palms casino. We've gathered a few popular ones and given complete answers to them to help players understand their problems.

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