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Rich Palms casino roulette is a straightforward game. You just bet on any number or sector on the gaming table and wait for the result. It is impossible to influence the result, and all bets have the same rate of return. Therefore, the only thing you can influence is volatility. We give you the best tips in this review to deal with such information. We recommend that you read them below.

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How to play?

Rich Palms casino roulette games list is quite comprehensive and includes several types. As we have already indicated, roulette is a straightforward game by its principle. But, depending on the type of roulette, the betting principle can be slightly different.

The game is played by spinning a roulette wheel with 37 or 38 numbered cells of different colors. The dealer throws the ball on the spinning wheel, and players bet on the number of pockets they think the ball will fall into. Players can bet on individual numbers or different groups of numbers. The fewer numbers in a bet, the lower the chance of winning, but in these cases, the winnings will be higher. Accordingly, the higher the risk, the higher the earnings.

You should know that roulette is played on tables with specific betting fields in addition to the ball and wheel. Bets are placed before the croupier spins the wheel. However, players can often place bets even while the wheel and ball are spinning until the dealer announces the end of the bets. At Rich Palms, such nuances will be intuitive for you, as the roulette tables are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible.

Types of Roulette

There are several Rich Palms casino roulette types, namely:

  • European;
  • French;
  • American.

Their principles are similar, but there are differences. Players can bet on individual numbers and different groups of numbers in any roulette. This variety allows you to bet on different combinations with different payouts.

Inside and outside bets are considered standard and are known to almost all players, even the inexperienced. Call bets are suitable for more experienced players, and if you are a beginner, you do not need to know about them in the early stages. Therefore, regardless of the type of roulette you prefer, it is up to you to determine the specifics of the bets.

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Bonuses and Promotions

To play roulette at Rich Palms casino as profitably as possible, we recommend using the site's bonus program to the maximum. Casino Rich Palms often offers its customers the opportunity to play roulette online with a registration bonus. And also, the administration of the casino allows you to bet on the bonus prizes issued for recharging your account in table games. 

No deposit bonus casino roulette is available to players for registration. As a rule, a certain amount is calculated on the bonus account after creating a new account. On which you can bet. And the welcome bonus is offered to users for one or more first deposits made. You need to make a minimum deposit and activate the bonus in your account to get such a gift.


In addition to the basic rules described above, there are special roulette rules that change the principles of the game to a certain extent. The most common and well-known of these are the rules under the French names:

  • La Partage;
  • En Prison;
  • Surrender.

These special rules give players an advantage at the expense of reducing the casino's advantage, so study the peculiarities of such rules in detail to become a more experienced player and win more often. For example, the La Partage rule applies to the so-called paired bets, red or black, paired or odd, and others. These bets have the same probability of winning and losing and are used at the best online casino, Rich Palms.

Rich Palms 280% Welcome Bonus


Users may have questions about its operation and other nuances of Rich Palms casino roulette game when playing roulette. Therefore, we have collected some of the popular ones and given a short answer to them. We recommend reading the information below.

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